General inspection,
“Kick-off” advice

We inspect your apartment and give you a few quick and cost-effective tips how to improve the quality of the apartment. We are ready to let you know how to make an apartment more attractive for guests.

Professional photographs

We work with professional photographers using latest technologies and having years’ of experience in real estate photography. Let us take beautiful pictures, or even videos and virtual tours to show your apartment’s at it’s best.


We place and manage your apartment’s photos and details on diverse accommodation platforms including our own online marketing channels as well.

Online access

We manage all of our apartments in a super-effective and user-friendly online booking system. We give you access to this system so you’ll see all the reservations as well as your prospective income.

Managing guest relations

We are a friendly, agile, and multi-lingual team looking after your guests. We make check-in and checkout processes quick and smooth. We provide guests with useful tips like where to eat or what to see in Budapest.


We clean your apartment after all guests. As soon as the new guest arrives th apartment will be spotlessly clean and fragrant. We have an in-house laundry so the freshness and cleanness of bed-linens are always guaranteed.


Whether a light bulb goes out or a latch starts to wobble, our in-house handymen hops into the apartment and solves the problem instantly. We also maintain a network of professionals. If any serious damage or problem occur in the apartment we contact one of them.

Monthly reconciliation

We provide you with clear and detailed balance statements every month. Your profit will be paid monthly on the way you prefer (via bank transfer, PayPal or cash payment).

Billing on behalf of the Owner

We give invoices to our guests so their payments for staying in your property will be legal and official. We invoice on your behalf.

Booking.com management

Booking.com is our main channel of reservations. It deducts 15% commission from all guests’ payments. As we have constant communication with the OTA, we are happy to forward your payment to them.

Utility management

We are in touch with all the utility providers in Budapest. Just sit back and relax. We’ll forward your utility payments to the providers in time.

City tax management

If you manage an apartment as an accommodation in Hungary you need to pay the city tax to the council. We are happy to forward your payment to them.

Tax advice

You don’t need to worry about the legality of your Hungarian incomes. Our inhouse tax expert is here to prepare your tax return form in due time and give you professional advice.