140 sqm luxury apartment, district 5.

A French investor bought this old fashioned, classical-style apartment in district 5. for 180.000 EUR. His plan was to renovate it and gain profit from constant rental income.
The property has been divided to 3 separate luxury apartments. After a complete renovation project the property became a unique premium accommodation and went through a 30% capital appreciation.
Now we manage these 3 units as high-end holiday apartments with 87% occupancy all year. The Owner enjoys 10% annual yield which makes this property absolutely outstanding on the investment market.

45 sqm, 1-bedroom apartment, prime location

We helped a Russian businessman to enter this classical-style investment property. Considering its’ unique downtown location the 50.000 EUR purchase price was a ridiculously low. He decided renovate it with us.
After turning it into luxurious holiday apartment we begin to advertise it on diverse online marketing platforms. After a few weeks it became one of the most sought-after accommodation in our managed stock.
The apartment went through a 30% capital appreciation thanks to the quality of the renovation and brings over 10% yield annually. On average, the apartment is rented out 26 days per month granting a stabile passive income to the Owner all year.